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Sterimar Blocked Nose 100ml
Sterimar Blocked Nose 100ml

Sterimar Blocked Nose 100ml

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STERIMAR Blocked Nose is a medical device recommended for children from 3 years old and adults in case of colds, rhinitis, acute or chronic sinusitis. Quickly decongest the nasal mucosa. Eliminate even thick mucus Help to fight colds, sinusitis and limit the risks of secondary infection by washing out nasal cavities* Prevent flu infection** Improve the effectiveness of local medicated treatments to reduce intake. Dosage/Direction for Use: - On first use, spray once to start the system. - Head straight, put the nozzle in the nostril. - Spray once or twice in each nostril. - Let any excess solution flow out and then blow the nose. For a deeper cleansing of nasal cavities: - Head tilted to one side - Put the nozzle in the upper part of the nostril. - Spray once for longer, from 2 to 3 seconds. - Let any excess solution flow out of the other nostril and then blow the nose. Use 2 to 6 times a day or more until decongestion. Intended for temporary use if blocked nose. After each use, clean the nozzle in hot water and dry. ** if exposed to flu exogenous agents. Ingredients: Sea water: 75 ml- Pentahydrate copper salt Monohydrate manganese salt - Purified water qsp 100 ml.
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