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Rin Enzyme 1000ml
Rin Enzyme 1000ml

Rin Enzyme 1000ml

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RIN Enzyme has been awarded with the 2 patents No. 3806009 & No. 3896338 for its distinctive formulation and manufacturing process, validating its health benefits in improving hypertension, curbing high blood lipid and preventing obesity. RIN Enzyme is the only brand of enzyme that holds such patents. Highly bio-available and bioactive, RIN Enzyme can be absorbed by human body within 30 minutes and has been proven by blood test. In terms of taste and efficacy. I believe that majority of the consumers will find RIN enzyme to be far more palatable and effective than any other brands. Most importantly, RIN Enzyme is alcohol free and hence, suitable for people of all ages and races. RIN Enzyme is also 100% natural and made from pure comprehensive plant-based enzymes. It is absolutely free from artificial chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, additives, colouring and flavour.

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