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Glucerna Chocolate 850g

Glucerna Chocolate 850g

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Usage :

GLUCERNA® is a complete and balanced product to help diabetics achieve steady release for proven blood glucose control.

The Science Behind Glucerna® :
Glucerna®’s product advantages come from its low GQ, high fibre and MUFA.
Low GI foods help keep blood sugar levels under better control and decrease the need for insulin.
Slow digested carbohydrate (fibresol + sucromalt) results in slow release of blood glucose providing better glycaemic response.
Glucerna® contains higher fibre to increase satiety :
GLUCERNA® is a complete and balanced meal replacement product to help diabetics manage their weight.
GLUCERNA® contains higher fibre* to increase satiety.
Glucerna® contains higher MUFA :
A diet high in MUFA, omega-6, omega-3 and low in Saturated Fatty Acids (SFA) are associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).
Take Glucerna® daily as part of diabetes nutrition management plan.

Preparation and Storage
Preparation and Usage
Instruction for Use: To prepare a 237 ml serving, put 200 ml of cooled water in a glass. Gradually add 5 level scoops (enclosed) or 52.1 g of Glucerna® powder while stirring and mix until dissolved.
One tin of 850 g can provide approximately 16 servings.

Opened can should be covered and stored in a cool, dry place, but not refrigerated. Once opened, use contents within 3 weeks.
Reconstituted Glucerna® should be used promptly or covered, refrigerated and used within 24 hours.
Best Before: See Bottom of Can

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