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Gillette Mach3 Sensitive 4's

Gillette Mach3 Sensitive 4's

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Gillette MACH3 TURBO Sensitive is an advanced razor designed for men who want a closer, comfortable shave with less irritation3 - even on the most sensitive areas of the face. Gillette MACH3 TURBO Sensitive provides a smooth, comfortable shave by delivering water-soluble lubricants to the skin. Compared to Gillette MACH3, the Gillette MACH3 TURBO Sensitive Lubrastrip with Aloe Vera has an improved formula that gradually wears away during shaving, allowing the lubricants "trapped" in the green stripe to be released. This design also features a second white lubricating stripe that wears at a much slower rate, helping to maintain optimal shaving geometry as the stripe erodes away. The combination of improved formulation and design results in more lubricants being delivered over a longer time period than Gillette MACH3. Individual spring-mounted blades to shave smoother and more comfortably: Gillette MACH3 TURBO Sensitive features special comfort-coated blades. Each blade is individually spring-mounted to automatically adjust and respond to the curves of the face, and to different levels of shaving pressure and skin variations. Microfins: In front of the first blade on each cartridge is a row of soft, flexible mircofins that help stretch the skin, positioning the hair so that the three blades can shave progressively closer with incredible comfort.

This new razor features advanced triple-blade technology, combined with an enhanced green Lubrastrip (Turbo) with Aloe Vera that provides more lubrication to help the blades glide easily over the skin with less irritation.

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