Static electricity is mainly caused by dry air and non-conductive chemical fiber clothing. When we are in a dry environment, the surface of our skin will also be particularly dry, resulting in a large amount of charge accumulation on the skin, coupled with wearing non-conductive chemical fiber clothes, the charge cannot be exported, if our hands touch metal conductive objects, the static electricity of our body will be suddenly released, and our hands will feel like being shocked.

The presence of static electricity on the body actually has a negative impact on health, causing us to feel unwell, headaches, insomnia, trance, etc.

Let's see how to reduce static electricity!

1. Increase indoor air humidity

The dry environment is one of the main causes of static electricity. In order to prevent static electricity, you can put a humidifier indoors or put a few pots of water on the ground, or put more green plants to increase the indoor air humidity and relieve dryness. Conducive to the discharge of static electricity. 

2. Wear less chemical fiber clothing

Try to buy some cotton fabric clothing or other fabric clothing, and reduce the purchase of chemical fiber clothing. In addition, we try not to use chemical fiber materials when buying bed linen, because the items made of chemical fiber are very prone to static electricity.

3. Use highly moisturizing skin care products

Taking showers and changing clothes frequently help releasing the static charge stored in the body regularly. At the same time, it is best to use high-moisturizing facial skin care products and body lotion. You can also increase the frequency of body lotion, increase skin humidity, and reduce resistance.

4. Stay as far as possible from electrical appliances such as TV

After we turn off the TV or use a computer, we should immediately wash our hands and face, so that the static electricity on our skin is discharged in the water to avoid accumulating too much static electricity on our body.

5. Eat a balanced diet and add vitamins

The octopus can increase the elasticity and moisturization of the skin, have a good anti-static function; eat more acidic foods such as vegetables, fruits, yogurt, drink plenty of water, and add calcium and vitamin C in time to reduce the effects of static electricity.






1. 增加室内空气湿度


2. 少穿化纤衣物


3. 使用高保湿的护肤品


4. 尽可能远离电视之类的电器


5. 饮食均衡,补充维生素



Published by: Multicare Pharmacy, 25th June 2020